Press release, Lausanne, April 16, 2013

From Switzerland to Indonesia:

BANCO conquers new horizons

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It is time to take up a new challenge! In the current period, it is crucial for the Swiss financial centre to make the best of its assets: ensuring a sustainable future involves opening up to new markets. Asia remains attractive and at its heart, Indonesia is becoming increasingly prominent. Its population (240 million people) and present economic growth rate (+6% per year) offer a glimpse of its developing needs in terms of financial products and services.

Within 15 years, Indonesia could well become the 7th world economic power, ahead of Germany and the United Kingdom (1). 10 years ago, some experts (2) were predicting that China would dethrone the USA in 2041. Today there is every reason to believe that China will take over in less than 5 years. What about Indonesia?

Selim R. Chanderli, co-founder of BANCO, notes that “Indonesia is already a new Eldorado for all players in the finance sector. However, it is essential to know how to break into the market, considering its complexity, diversity and immensity”. In order to grasp the dynamics of this archipelago, BANCO has been developing a local network for over two years now – an operation that will reach a new milestone this summer with the opening of a branch in Jakarta. Indira C. Tasan, co-founder of BANCO, points out that “in addition to launching a training course for the local players, we will, amongst other goals, aim at helping European asset managers enter into direct contact with local investors and finance professionals”. In July, both co-founders will settle down in Jakarta in order to supervise these new activities.

And what about Switzerland?
Indira C. Tasan and Guillaume A. Clément remain in charge of BANCO’s editorial board, a new management team will take over from May 15th: Franciska Meyer, Chief Executive Officer, and Guillaume Bertrand, Chief Operating Officer. Both have considerable experience as members of the BANCO team. Selim R. Chanderli looks forward to this new step in BANCO’s evolution: “The team will bring a fresh dynamic into the group’s different activities, while maintaining BANCO’s values and expertise. With Franciska Meyer and Guillaume Bertrand, our clients and partners will have two excellent professionals on their side”.

​(1) McKinsey Global Institute: “The archipelago economy: Unleashing Indonesia’s potential”, September 2012
(2) Goldman Sachs: “Dreaming with BRICs: The Path to 2050”, October 2003

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