PR & Communication

C4F (Communication 4 Finance) is a new name in financial communications, yet its expertise is both well established and extensive. The reason is simple: it builds on BANCO’s 18-year track-record as a leading media outlet within the Swiss financial industry. C4F knows exactly how to get its clients’ messages out there, thanks to a broad and carefully built network of financial professionals, as well as privileged ties with major media players – in Switzerland and abroad.


Finance is a complex and sensitive field, where confidentiality is vital. By entrusting C4F with their communication, companies gain the freedom to concentrate fully on the heart of their activity: they now have a partner that perfectly understands their business and their needs. The team at C4F has all the skills, resources and tools needed to promote the brand and products of its clients, from writing and publishing press releases to organizing business lunches with financial journalists, or more significant events such as press conferences and roadshows.


The services of C4F are available in three different packages, which can be adjusted to the client’s communication needs. The “Starting Package” is aimed at clients interested in “media services”, such as press releases, articles, business lunches and other promotional material. The “Press Package” offers additional options that include “publication services”, such as newsletters, promotional one-pagers, and interviews. Finally, the “Full Package” gives access to the complete range of communication services that C4F can offer, most notably a tailored communication and PR game plan capable to ensure maximum visibility in the media and during major events.

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