Forward Rep Office in Indonesia

Since 2011, the Forward Group has been looking at Indonesia as a possible starting point to expand its business activities within the Asian market. This dream is finally coming true with the opening of a branch in Jakarta by mid-summer 2013. The choice of Indonesia became clear seeing the country’s impressive economic growth in recent years. It is also a relatively new market in terms of financial services, and with millions of Indonesians joining the middle class each year, the need for these services can only grow exponentially.

For the Group, this is an opportunity to offer its services to  the local financial industry and act as an intermediary between investment professionals in Switzerland and their counterparts in Indonesia. True synergies are to be created between these two partners, with Switzerland offering its brand name and expertise, and Indonesia giving access to a huge – and almost untapped – client base.

The Forward group will launch several activities, starting with the creation of a structure which will offer top-notch training in banking and finance for Indonesian businessmen, managers and top executives, with the participation of Swiss and European finance professionals. The Group will also develop its business in the field of advisory and consulting to financial institutions wanting to set up shop in Indonesia.

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