The Swiss Village's website has been officially launched! As a start, it features "The top 10 reasons to choose Geneva to keep your money safe, pass on your heritage and diversify your assets".


The Swiss Village is an initiative by the Representative Office in Jakarta (Indonesia) of Forward SA in Lausanne (Switzerland). It is dedicated to the promotion of exchanges between Swiss and Indonesian finance & wealth management practitionners.


The Swiss Village also aims to promote the Swiss financial place in Asia, both for private clients in search of alternatives and for companies wanting to set a foot in the heart of Europe. Alternatively, The Swiss Village wants to promote the Indonesian financial place in Switzerland, mainly through Forward SA's Swiss network of finance professionals and through its monthly "BANCO, the Swiss Asset Management Magazine".


Through events such as professional fairs and conferences, as well as through tailor-made educational seminars, The Swiss Village's contributes to improve the exchange and developpement of know-how in asset management among finance practitionners, and raise awareness about available solutions among their clients. Besides, through exclusive consulting, training and coaching mandates, The Swiss Village can answer the specific needs of firms and individuals wanting to establish intercontinental links. 


To carry out its activities and bring the best answers to its clients, The Swiss Village is proud to draw on a multidisciplinary and multicultural network of experts, as well as on Forward SA’s and Forward Indonesian Rep Office's partners.

On November 19, 2015, The Swiss Village will organise in Jakarta a Gala Dinner hosted by the CIFA (a member organisation of the United Nations in Geneva), Fidurhône (a Swiss Asset Management and Fiduciary Trust Company based in Geneva) and the FPAI (the Financial Planner Association Indonesia). 

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